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1986 NL Industries Restructuring and defense advisory major oilfield services company versus Valhi Aegis Energy*
1986 USX Defense and restructuring advisory versus Carl Ichan Aegis Energy*
1987 Tenneco Defense and restructuring advisory: complete analysis and valuation of all lines of business of large industrial conglomerate, including recommendations on restructuring and divestiture options Aegis Energy*
1988 Sun Restructuring advisory: spin-off of Sun's exploration and production business; created two publicly traded securities (Oryx) Aegis Energy*
1989 CITGO Represented CITGO Petroleum Corporation in the negotiation of a cogeneration joint venture among CITGO, CONOCO, Vista Chemical, and Gulf States Utilities.The joint venture purchased an existing 200-MW, gas-fired generating station and constructed new coke-fired boilers at a cost of $200 million. Muse Stancil
1989 National Intergroup Defense advisory versus Butler and Estrin Aegis Energy*
1989 Texas Eastern Defense advisory versus Coastal Corp.; resulted in White Knight acquisition by Panhandle; included complete valuation of all business segments, including refining and E&P, as well as a financial restructuring and leveraged buyout Aegis Energy*
1989 USX Proxy contest advisory versus Carl Icahn Aegis Energy*
1990 Private Investment Group Provided due diligence for investment group considering the acquisition of Tesoro's refinery in Kenai, Alaska Muse Stancil
1991 Statoil Advised on company's North American acquisition strategy; evaluated three refineries owned by three separate companies and negotiated on the possible acquisition of each. Aegis Energy*
1991 PDV Europa Advised European subsidiary of Petroleos de Venezuela on their European downstream acquisition strategy: approached two separate companies on potential refining JVs. Aegis Energy*
1992 Confidential Provided an assessment of Argentina refineries, product terminals, pipelines, and other related assets which underwent privatization Muse Stancil
1992 TMR Retained as technical and economic advisors to help establish a number of FSU refinery joint ventures including Petromidia in Romania, Baku in Azerbaijan, Volgograd in Russia, and Lisichansk in Ukraine Muse Stancil
1993 Greek Ministry Advised the government on the privatization of the Greek refining and marketing industry Muse Stancil
1993 AGIP Advisory on sale of AGIP's interest in a refining and marketing affiliate Aegis Energy*
1994 TUPRAS/POAS Advisors to the Turkish ministry on privatization Muse Stancil
1996 EBRD Advisors to the EBRD on upgrading of the Lukoil, Volgograd refinery Muse Stancil
1996 Confidential Provided advice on operation, optimization and business outlook for two U.S. Gulf Coast refineries Muse Stancil
1996 Basis Retained to work with company staff to develop strategic business plan Muse Stancil
1996 Fina, Inc. Advisor on U.S. refining and marketing strategy, including an evaluation of the downstream operations and strategies of all US R&M companies Aegis Energy
1997 Gazprom Advised the Eximbank on Gazprom's third tranch of investments under the Oil and Gas Framework Agreement Muse Stancil
1997 Price Waterhouse Evaluation of products terminal in Turkey Muse Stancil
1997 Confidential Advised private investment group on the take over of a small Louisiana refinery Muse Stancil
1997 Ecopetrol Advised on investment options relating to the disposition of heavy Colombian crude oil Muse Stancil
1998 Nafta Polska Retained as technical and economic advisors in the privatization of the Polish state refining and marketing assets Muse Stancil
1998 POAS Retained as technical and economic advisors in the privatization of the Turkish state petroleum products marketing company Muse Stancil
1998 Petro Yemen Technical and economic advisor to a grassroots refinery Muse Stancil
1998 Confidential Joint venture assessment for an alliance between two U.S. Gulf Coast refiners; including valuation of each partner’s respective contribution Aegis Muse
1998 Confidential Strategic and financial advisor on a roll-up of Eastern U.S. petroleum retail marketing Aegis Muse
1998 Confidential Financial, technical, and economic advisory services to a U.S. product pipeline Aegis Muse
1999 Confidential Evaluating and advising prospective purchaser of refining and marketing assets in mid-west Aegis Muse
2000 Confidential Technical and economic advisor to a specialty lubricant manufacturer/marketer concerning investment options for upgrading their product offering Aegis Muse
2000 Confidential Strategic evaluation services for a Latin American oil company related to investment opportunities in the U.S. downstream energy industry Aegis Muse
2000 Confidential Advisor to a major U.S. refining and marketing company regarding acquisition opportunity Aegis Muse
2001 Confidential Competitive and strategic analysis of mid-continent refineries for a major multinational oil company Aegis Muse
2001 Confidential Assisting with the development of an independent U.S. refining and marketing company 's strategic response to the various mergers among competitors Aegis Muse
2001 Confidential Acquisition candidate Identification and screening assignment for a northeast terminal and marketing company Aegis Muse
2001 Confidential Advisor to a Latin American oil company considering a joint venture investment in a Gulf Coast refining and marketing system Aegis Muse
2002 Confidential Strategic advisor on identification and valuation of potential acquisition candidates: assessed more than 20 Gulf Coast and East coast refineries for a Latin American oil company. Aegis Muse
2002 Confidential Advisor to a major U.S. refining and marketing company regarding the company's competitive position versus major regional refineries Aegis Muse
2002 Confidential Advisor to a Gulf Coast refined products pipeline on valuation and financial structure Aegis Muse

NOTES: * Experience of Aegis and Aegis Muse senior staff prior to joining the company.

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1987 AGIP Spa Advisory on strategic options for North American upstream operations Aegis Energy*
1989 Murphy Oil Minority close-out of ODECO, contract drilling and E&P subsidiary Aegis Energy*
1989 ODECO Designed and advised on proposed IPO and exchange offer spin-off of contract drilling subsidiary: designed the exchange offer spinn-off that became the model for all subsequent transactions Aegis Energy*
1990 Total Advised French oil company: identfying and negotiating on their behalf with a merger partner for their U.S. oil and gas operation Aegis Energy*
1990 Saga Defense advisory concerning third-party sale of 20 percent equity block Aegis Energy*
1991 Phoenix Resources Advised company on restructuring of post-bankruptcy balance sheet on behalf of Goldman Sachs Aegis Energy*
1995 Union Texas Petroleum E&P acquisition advisory Aegis Energy
1995 Hondo Advised parent of Hondo Oil & Gas on ownership restructuring between R.O. Anderson and Lonrho Aegis Energy
1995 Tatham Offshore Advised independent committee of the Board of Directors on structure of warrant recapitalization Aegis Energy
2000 Confidential Advised foreign government ministry on strategy for developing upstream sector through the acquisition of public E&P company Aegis Energy

NOTES: * Experience of Aegis and Aegis Muse senior staff prior to joining the company.

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