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Strategic Advisory
Private Placements
Aegis was established to assist companies in maximizing value in strategic transactions. Whether developing basic strategies, pursuing corporate acquisitions or divesting non-core assets, companies can only be assured of achieving optimal results if they work with advisors that have extensive transactional, commercial and technical expertise to thoroughly address the issues that impact a business or arise in course of transactions.

The full scope of Aegis’ services and activities is set forth in the summary below.

» Comparative Business Analysis: evaluating a company’s financial and/or operating performance against its competitors
» Competitive Assessments: evaluating a company or group of companies strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats.
» Industry Strategic Perspectives: reviewing the key forces driving the economics of a business, including an analysis of the key business sub-segments
» Market Supply/Demand Dynamics: assessing the direction of market supply and demand dynamics by business segment and/or region
» Topical Analyses: studies of specific business areas - Examples
  · Determinants of gasoline demand
  · Impact of hypermarkets on gasoline retailing
  · OPEC production strategies
  · Liquid Pipeline Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Profiles
  · Retail Marketing consolidation
  · Impact of low sulfur fuels on refining
  · Transaction structuring options
» Equity Market Valuation: relative market valuations within and among industry segments
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» Transaction Value Deconstructions: analyses of the underlying economic assumptions, valuation metrics, and IRRs of announced transactions
» Business and Asset Valuations: valuations based on comparable companies, comparable transactions and rigorous discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses
  · using detailed technical and commercial expertise
  · proprietary financial models
  · appropiate scenario and sensitivity analysis
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» Divestitures
  · Analysis and valuation of asset or business
  · Preparation of marketing materials, confidential memoranda, virtual and physical data rooms. etc.
  · Identification, quantification and characterization of buyer universe
  · Development of marketing strategy
  · Solicitation of buyer interest
  · Process management
  · Negotiation and documentation
» Acquisitions
  · Target identification, assessment, valuation and ranking
  · Development of competitive bidding strategy
  · Bid formulation and design
    · Cash
    · Equity
    · Other
  · Negotiation
    · Transaction structure
» Corporate Transactions
  · Mergers
    · Pro forma financial analyses of business combinations
    · Accretion/Dilution analyses
  · Minority Closeouts (Going Private Transactions)
  · Fairness Opinions
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» Debt
» Equity
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» Transaction Databases: summaries of historical transactions reflecting customary valuation metrics, including estimated IRRs
  · Refineries
  · Terminals
  · C-stores, gasoline retailing
» Financial Models
  · Refining
    i. Linear Program (PIMS®, licensed by Muse Stancil)
    ii. complex spreadsheet model
      1) coking vs. cracking
      2) cash flows by individual product and crude
    iii. simple spreadsheet model
      1) simple margin estimator
      2) estimates dixed and variable costs
      3) incorporates sustaining and mandated capex
      4) fully tax effected
  · Terminaling
  · Retailing
  · Pipelines
  · Upstream Disclosure Reconciliation Model: translates SEC disclosure of upstream segment into estimated decline curves, which can be used as proxies for reserve reports
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» Annual Downstream Retainer
» Strategic Audit
» Transaction Deconstruction
» Net Profits Interest
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